Who are Sweethill Farms?

It all began back in 1976 when we put down our first seed beds.

While kumara had been here since long before our ancestors settled this land, it was still hard to find a good, tasty kumara to put on the family dinner table every night. So we set about to find and create one.

The journey to create a better tasting, more healthy, and visibly appealing kumara has taken a number of years. While the journey never ends as we toil to improve this family favourite, we feel we now really do have something to crow about.
Next thing was, how could we make it easy for our foodies with an eye for taste and trust, quickly pick us out from the pack?

After many long hours of thought during last harvest, lengthy discussions with the crew, and feedback from loyal kumara eaters, we came up with Sweethill Farms so you can spot us too.

Look out for our range of Rubies Red Kumara under the Sweethill Farms logo.

Quality you can trust.

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