Quality Assured

New Zealand GAP is a quality assurance program that provides a traceable, accountable system from crop to 

customer for the production of fruit, vegetables, olives and flowers”.  – NZ GAP Website
Fieldco Foods has been an accredited NZ Gap and Eurepgap approved Grower since 2001 and with the addition of the
packhouse, are also a NZ Gap approved Grower Packhouse.  By meeting the standards required by the program, Fieldco
Foods is able to demonstrate to our customers that our Kumara is of an acceptable quality,is produced in a sustainable
manner, and is safe to eat.  This means that Fieldco Foods quality produce is traceable right from the seed-bed, through
all the processes, until it hits the supermarket shelf in our Sweethill packaging.  A  whole year of traceability!
Fieldco Foods with their retail brand Sweethill farms, ensures that it has best practices in place for the production, packaging
and distribution of our Kumara
.  This reduces the risk of health, safety and environmental issues - so you, our customer, can
buy with confidence.   Fieldco Foods ensures that all our staff have quality, documented training.   Health and safety
measures are in place to guarantee our customers of safe practices, and along with this, Fieldco Foods is constantly aware
of the environment and are taking measures to protect and sustain it for the future generations.
With our Quality Assurance program and attention to every detail, the Team at Fieldco Foods are committed to providing you,
our customer with a top quality product that’s looks good, tastes better and satisfies you every time.

                            NZ GAp Cert 2019-130


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