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The Red kumara we eat today was bought to New Zealand from South America in the 1850s and was quickly   
adopted as a superior variety to the originals. Over time, this variety has been propagated and selected for its
dark red colour and superior performance. This variety is now known as “Owairaka Red” and is the main
commercial crop grown today in the Kaipara. Owaraika Red are firm textured making them an ideal salad
or roasting kumara.


The Beauregard was originally from America and is grown and enjoyed in many countries as 'sweet potato’.
The Beauregard’s rich orange skin and sweet orange flesh makes it a colourful vegetable and a likely candidate
for many sweet recipes. Beauregards crop heavily and the digging is slow as their soft skins mark easily with 
rough handling.
The Tokatoka Gold is indigenous to the Kaipara, named after the iconic TokaToka Peak rising out of the otherwise 
flat landscape. Tokatoka Gold have a golden skin and a soft golden flesh. TokaToka golds are best roasted as 
they tend to have a very soft flesh.

Purple dawn are a new variety of Kumara that have a purple flesh right through. A great addition to that kumara medley. Sweet tasting and soft. Great for toasting, mashing and with a vibrant colour. Purple kumara has great health benefits too, Read more about Purple Dawn, Purple flesh kumara here...


Sweet tangos have been specially grown to have an easy to peel smooth skin and a rich orange flesh. The Sweet Tango Kumara is the sweetest tasting Kumara of all. Great for soups, roasting and with their thin skin they don’t even need to be peeled.
Sweet Tango cut in half-19

Red Peelers are a new variety of Red Kumara, with a great smooth skin and shape, perfect for peeling! But with such a thin smooth skin these Kumara taste great in their skins as well... This means you are getting the benefits of the nutrition from out of the skins too. Red Peelers are a great tasting Kumara, perfect for Roasting, mashing, Salads and even snacking on raw.
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