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On trend for 2018: Purple is the new black!

1st February 2018

Following on from increasing trends of 2017, it has been predicted that purple vegetables are going to become a top trend for 2018. The trend has stemmed from the good intentions of those healthy shoppers that are aiming to eat vegetables that are naturally the colours of the rainbow. And according to health organisations this isn't a bad thing as it is a recipe for good health, taking in a wider range of nutrients. 
And our newest variety of kumara fits right into this trend!
Purple and combined with all the health benefits the sweet potato owns as its own, this is definitely something to try.

This trendy new vegetable even got a mention on an article on "Top trendy vegetables that are taking the Culinary World by Storm"
To see more, click here: https://www.noted.co.nz/dining/food/the-trendy-new-vegetables-taking-the-culinary-world-by-storm/

Organic retailer Whole Foods stated in a recent report that the power of purple goes beyond the vibrant colour and often indicates nutrient density and antioxidants.
Check out this article for more on the health benefits of purple kumara: 





New Season, New Kumara.

22nd January 2018

We are nearing the end of our old seasons kumara, where it is a case of out with the old, in with the new! Keep a look-out in the next few weeks for our new season kumara!


Visit our Kumara recipes section for fresh ideas of how to use Kumara for every meal! Kumara is a favourite that will be perfect with that roast meal of yours, but how about trying our AUNTY KAY'S KUMARA CAKE - this is a delicious accompaniment to your afternoon cuppa! 

             Aunty K Kumara Cake 2 2 Copy of rubies bacon kebabs-365-54

Fieldco team's donation to Starship Foundation

29th December
Starship donation -35-894

December is the perfect time for sharing and caring. With this in mind, the Fieldco team put together a parcel of the seasons' best kumara along with numerous Fieldco recipe books to donate to the team at Starship Foundation to honour the many hours of work they do helping those in need.
Thank you Starship team for your hard work!



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